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Telephone: (207) 370-2768

About Altitude Drone Co.

Founder: Cole  Coletro

computer bag and camera in woods web

The story of Altitude

Cole Coletro has been an avid fan of technology and design for over two decades. He strives to impart his creative work with meaning and style, and enjoys applying his skills to varied projects for clients.

When expensive commercial drones gradually became viable tools for affordable and quality aerial photography and video, he pivoted his web design services to focus on video production work. 

Ideas for Aerial Video by Drone

Real Estate Listings

  • Add drama and flair while entering a building.
  • Show the home\’s scenery and site location from the air
  • Travel over water, down the dock to the grounds
  • Fly around the building to show its details

Restaurant Tours

  • Fly through and around the dining areas 
  • Capture the excitement of the kitchen with a fly-through
  • Pan across the entrance to showcase the architecture
  • Film the journey of key ingredients from farm to table

Outdoor Events

  • Capture your band members playing
  • Record the setup and unfolding of your wedding day
  • Film your children exploring and playing at a state park
  • Make fun memories at company picnics and parties

Make a Movie

  • Drones are perfect for cinematic tracking shots
  • Shoot A and B rolls at all your favorite locations
  • Capture crystal-clear footage of your theater actors and props
  • Follow fast-moving vehicles to provide context to auto or boat dialog scenes